Being a teacher is one of the noblest professions of all. It requires a lot of effort and patience in order to make students understand each and every lesson. A good teacher knows no student should be left behind. Teaching at a private Christian school is a wise choice; it is expected there are less number of students compared to public learning institutions. Nonetheless, because there are also fewer schools to work in, the competition is high. Knowing this, it is important to learn by heart how to become a teacher at a private Christian school to get ahead of the game.

Know the Basic Requirements!

1. Bachelor’s Degree: If there is one thing common to all teachers, then it is education. When applying, the most basic requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching. You will surely get ahead from other applicants if you have finished a 4-year degree at a reputable school with flying colours.

2. Certification and Specialization: Each school has a different set of requirements. Although according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that a certification or license is not necessary for private schools, the Christian school you wish to apply may or may not require it. If you are applying to a Catholic school, it may require you to take classes in Catholic Education, religion and philosophy, sacraments and creed, and morality and ethics. There are also private Christian schools that would ask what your specialization is – Math, Science, History, Physical Education, for example.

3. Personal Belief about Christ: This next requirement is something you may need to submit through Unitutor’s essay writing – your personal beliefs and practices. Because you are about to become a teacher at a private Christian school, it is expected that you know Christ, the reason why He came to this world, and his miraculous acts. Remember that in one way or another, you will be sharing to your students who Jesus is and what he has done – on a daily basis. Montessori schools, for example, are very particular to this.

4. Experience: Experience is the best teacher, literally! While fresh graduates are always welcome to give it a try, some private Christian schools prefer teachers who have been teaching for many years. Experienced teachers have practised the ‘art of versatility’, which is the capability of quickly adapting to new situations and different personality of students.

Learn from the Expert

There is no better way to learn how to become a teacher at a private Christian school than to ask someone who has been there. If you do not have a friend, relative, or neighbour to ask, you can always search the web for testimonials from teachers who have been to the same kind of school.

For most professionals, teaching in a private school is better because of smaller class sizes. This means you can manage students better. Another advantage is more freedom in terms of teaching style. Public schools follow curricula mandated by the state, private schools do not. This means you have more flexibility in handling your class according to the level of your creativity.