Mature Christian
Do you consider yourself to be spiritually mature? Many are times when we interpret spiritual maturity in different ways. Being a spiritually mature Christian is not about the age, appearance or achievements. It is about how you carry yourself at all times, and how you present yourself. To grow up spiritually, it takes energy, effort and time. No one can be a fully matured Christian, since what one person considers as maturity may differ with the other. Here we are going to name the five traits that make a Christian to be considered mature.

The Ups and Downs of Life don’t tamper your relationship with God

Many are times when Christians are happy and doing well in life. At this times they build a strong relationship with God. But in times of hardship, most of the Christians lose their faith and start lamenting of their downfall. A mature Christian holds on firmly to their belief no matter the circumstances. In times of plenty or scarce, a mature Christian is one who can persevere at all times, either good or bad.

You are not frustrated by situations beyond your control

A mature Christian understands that God is in control of everything. Even in a complicated scenario that is beyond your power, a mature Christian prays, and wait for God. They never worry about situations that are beyond their control or get frustrated. Christians with less faith will tend to worry about frustrating news and stories like war, earthquakes, that make them end up in great fear of the unknown. Mature Christians understand that when God is in control, there is no reason to fear.

You never compare yourself with others

When you are satisfied with what you have, this reduces chances of shame, frustrations, and bitterness. Being spiritually mature means that you can live happily without comparing yourself to others. How you look, what you have or what others have accomplished should not matter a lot to a Christian. A mature Christian knows that God is the provider and they are satisfied with what they already have or accomplished in life.

You make Discipline your Routine

The value of discipline in Christianity is very vital. There are basic things that a mature Christian never forgets, that is bible study, fasting, solitude, confession, worship and meditation. A Christian cannot be complete without consistent doing these basic things. A mature Christians can accomplish all this through discipline and intelligence.

A Mature Christian has a Childlike nature

In the Bible, Jesus taught his disciples that to inherit the kingdom of heaven one must be like little children. Children are always jovial and not bored easily. Children enjoy every moment of their lives and always ready to take risks. A mature Christian lives a life in a child-like manner. It doesn’t mean that they are immature or childish but warm, welcoming and able to associate with others readily and cheerfully.

The above guidelines are the mark of a mature Christian. A mature Christian has notable pleasing behaviors and wisdom in dealing with issues and people. Follow the link to learn more of what makes a christian to be immature